Thursday, 2 April 2015

Adwalton Moor

I recently read a book about the English Civil War, and wrote a blog post about it:-  Civil War

The book reminded me that there was an English Civil War battlefield almost on my doorstep, at Adwalton Moor in West Yorkshire. I recently visited the site, and took some photographs.

The battle took place in June 1643, and resulted in a victory for the Royalist forces.

On the day of my visit the site was vaguely windswept and the weather decidedly overcast. Somehow this felt more apt than it would have done if it had been a bright and sunny day.

Some of the battlefield appears to have been built on, but the area which remains is surrounded on all sides by all the regular signs of civilization - houses, businesses and a public library.

A reminder of one of the last major domestic upheavals to sweep England.

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