Sunday, 6 November 2011

Leicester City 0 Leeds United 1

After the recent trials and tribulations, this was a very welcome result for Leeds.

By all accounts, it was a tight, hard-fought match, and it is remarkable what a psychological effect winning such a contest can sometimes have on a team. Almost as importantly, there were no goalkeeping dramas!

The Championship league table is also looking a good deal healthier from a Leeds perspective this evening.  There is a renewed sense that we are looking upwards with a view to challenging the play-off places, rather than beginning to glance nervously over our shoulders.

Coming up next, Leeds have what on paper look like two less demanding fixtures, against Burnley and Barnsley, but we know from bitter experience that any hint of complacency in this division is swiftly punished. Rarely has the old adage "taking each game as it comes" seemed more appropriate.

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