Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hermann Hesse / Today's Football

Yesterday, I finally got around to reading one of Hermann Hesse's novels, the wonderful "Siddhartha", and my enjoyment of the book is tempered with regret that it has taken this long.

Oddly enough, I first really heard about Hesse through an unlikely source. Brian May of the rock band Queen, of whom I am a major admirer, used to name-check the author in interviews, and I often saw his works in my local library, but never got around to reading them, perhaps fearing that the subject matter would outstrip the capacity of my youthful mind.

In recent months, I have become more interested in Eastern philosophies, and my research led me to discover that Hesse himself was strongly influenced by these teachings. I have therefore purchased three of his novels, the aforementioned "Siddhartha", and also "Steppenwolf" and "The Glass Bead Game".

I can heartily recommend "Siddhartha", examining as it does a man's spiritual journey of discovery. Although the novel is relatively brief, it says much more than most much weightier tomes could ever do.

Once I have completed them, I will post my thoughts on the other two Hesse novels.

Just a quick note about today's football.  A plethora of goals in the Premier League, although many of these appear to have been the result of deficient defending rather than inspired attacking play.

The two most notable results occurred at St. James' Park, where Newcastle United recovered from a 0-4 half-time deficit to salvage a draw against ten-man Arsenal, and at Molineux, where Wolves overcame Manchester United 2-1.

On a slightly more personal note, well done to the mighty Leeds United, whose 1-0 home victory over Coventry City maintains their place in the Championship play-off places.

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